Crusader - Arigatou

Every artwork comes to life
Once light and dark collide
One without the other couldn't survive
It takes two contradictions
To add color to our (sight)
For every creature given birth
Another one must die
It's nature's way to keep it in line
Life and death provide us
With a perfect sense of time

Every passion is like fuel
It conquers endless roads
Love and hate are horns on the same goat
Music is one way
For strong emotions to un(load)
A gentle breeze, how innocent
Can easily change its form
Combining elements into a deadly force
A stream of air is all it takes
To create the perfect storm

Standing on a crowded field
All hope to see next dawn
Whatever comes, we will not flee
Here we both belong
Soon we'll face all hostile clans
Several thousands strong
Whatever comes, we'll take a stand
We can't both be wrong

Every song becomes worthwhile
Once Shredder sets the sound
The war he plays is well known all around
He's heavy metal king
And as a king he wears the crown

Crusader - Arigatou - Song Lyrics

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