Forty Fathoms - Boyfriend In A Coma

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I never want to let this go

I spent the last year lying to myself
I never paid much attention to the cards I was dealt
the perfect hand was always in my reach
you were the ace inside my self
and I hope you still believe

Well this is all we have and all we know
but we're too young I never want to let this go

I always thought that leaving was the key
to be independent and free
but you cut through the deadlines and dead ends
If I could turn the hands of the clock back (believe me I would)
I'd show you what I always needed to (what I never could)

they say time heals everything

so is the feeling of truly believing?
all I know is missing, missing is all I know
you were my only reason to stay
but these memories won't fade away

I've been holding on forever
I've been sleeping here for days
when you pulled me in all I did
was push away

 Forty Fathoms - Boyfriend In A Coma - Song Lyrics

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