Forty Fathoms - She-wolf

who the fuck is cursed?
yeah is it me or her?
cuz everything a blur, when did you give up?
I think you've give up on love
c'mon, c'mon (hey,hey) how does she pull me?
c'mon, c'mon (hey,hey) I run to her with no question

she's got trouble written on her lips
and ever more in-between her hips
you've never seen one like this before
beware beware
beware the she wolf

she'll rip you from the inside out
watch as the blood spills from her mouth
with teeth and claws as sharp as her wit
she'll steal your soul as she sees fit
and your heart will follow suit

how long did it take to figure out
after months and months of going down the same route?
here's another drug you don't have to swallow
put her into my veins to make myself feel hallow

I'll be the one to tame her I'll be the one
I want to know what's lying underneath
that tongue those teeth.

she can't stop herself
it's a natural instinct I need to get inside
or she'll be hiding in the back of the bar
waiting to die

Forty Fathoms - She-wolf - Song Lyrics

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