Forty Fathoms - Take Me Back

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six long years of this shit
juggling life and dreams but we all know
this last year has been a joke
and lately it feels like
I'm just not cut out for this life
I'm finding the reasons why
I'm bending over backwards to survive

don't wake me up because I won't stop sleeping
stuck in this rut and I'm having a hard time
believing anything and everything that I've been told
don't wake me up because I won't stop dreaming

where are we going to be next spring
when I turn a quarter century?
gave it all away, just to have it thrown back at me
what will I find? I hate to say it but
I need some piece of mine

here I am back up here, it's in your hands
take me back to the real thing
here I am back again

Ill never stop dreaming

Forty Fathoms - Take Me Back - Song Lyrics

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