Forty Fathoms - Today's Another Story

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I should've known better
to think that you'd invite me in
with such positivity and passion
controlled by my hope but I'll admit
I gave into temptation

we both know that I am better than this
and I wont be content until i clean up this mess

Just cuz youre broken doesn't mean you can't be fixed
you started to let me in but I couldn't get a hold on it
shame on me

I stayed home to tie up loose ends but
I ended up with more enemies than friends

I won't forget what you said
" you make feel sick to my stomach so just hold your breath"
you're a real human being and should be treated as such

I'm no saint but I should've know better than this
her eyes pulled me in, along with those legs and lips

It's just so fitting to have you rip me apart like this
shame on me

what am I capable of? I swear I could have saved you
but the liquor worked so much quicker
yeah I'm a sucker for a good mistake
yeah, it seems so obvious
with the chances that I take

and now I'm just like you I'm a wreck
and nobody is going to confess
will I have to dig a hole in your chest?
wish you could have seen my face as you left

and you're worth more than what I have done
please let me make this as right as I can
and you're worth more than what they have done
please let me make this right again

I'll kick rocks if you want me to

 Forty Fathoms - Today's Another Story - Song Lyrics

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