Frankenbok - Cocaine

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Cocaine, cocaine I think it's my choice of drug
Cocaine showed me a life that's less cynical
Soap and open with the knives of the critical
And wash away today the effects sorry and typical
Cocaine, cocaine I think it's my choice of drug
Cocaine, cocaine the last time I had you was not the same
In vain - The ass end of choice has become my name
Cocaine I sink with this choice like dung
Snow white!
Cocaine be it my choice of drug
I'd be it all if I could be...

 I just want one fucking hit!
I bleed and seep out all my flaws
My teeth tampon absorb this vermin that I
Snort, sniff, sniff, snort
Feel the aura of all kinds
It's the best I get
The yes I'm let into
Insured. Pre Natural
Sniff and invest in bliss
Unlike none yet.

Frankenbok - Cocaine - Song Lyrics

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