George Castaneda, Jr - Angel

George Castaneda, Jr - Angel - Lyrics - Song Lyrics

You tell me that you love me
What do you mean by that
You love my touches and my kisses
Your my soul's blisses

Don't try hiding
Your true emotion
Don't fake it even
A little girl

I love you so
I love you so

Starlight shine upon your smile
Your God's Angel looking down on me
Walk with me million miles
How can I possibly?

I needed someone in my life, in my heart, in my world
I was lonely and lost till I found you girl.yeah-ah-ah
God sent you from heaven above to be with me for eternity
God gave me you somebody to love and set me free

Angel, OH Angel, Angel, Angel
Angel, Angel, Angel You're my Angel
Angel, I wish I could always be the man you see
Angel, I wanna be strong so you can lean on me
Angel, I wanna be the man that always fights for you
Angel, I meant it all when I said the words I do

When times are hard you're my Angel girl
When we celebrate your my Angel girl
When we cry I wipe away the tears of an angel

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