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MANG - Local Voice - Lyrics, Song Lyrics

Hey this one goes for the girl I've been
looking for yeah it's yorum Soku killing the beat .
Let's go...
Come fly with me baby yeah
I'm the one with the S on my chest
Forget about your ex coz he don't know what love is he just failed
the test plus he don't treat you right he kept you crying all night
see he's like a kryptonite I can give you the strength so you
could leave him behind you could start all over just press rewind.
Coz he don't understand that you're one of a kind
So sweet
So sexxy and
Just so fine
I'll fight till my death just to make you mine
I would never neglect you never have time to stress you and always
respect you coz girl you're like a hidden treasure and I
promise to love you from now and till forever yeah...
You should know that
Baby girl.
I can love you like no one can
I can be your superman just take my hands let's
fly away I promise I'll be there everywhere... yeah
Uh-huh. And round 2
It's like what I've always wanted to say but we
Gotta accept the times that were having now... the type of guy that'll stand by your side
to wipe dim tears when they fall from your eyes...
I'm the one you hold when your night is cold...
The one that stays near defy the way you fear. See
You ain't gotta be scared I came to put an end to your ex no more
picking you up uh-huh or pulling on your hair...
A man like that shouldn't treat you that way...
And look at yourself you're beautiful
Inside and out...
Now I don't understand why you take that drought aah you need to drop
that zero aah... You could be Sofia the queen and I can be your
superman. Coz girl do you follow my lead.
i guarantee you baby I could be more than you need girl you've got
the beauty and I can be your beast.
Do you follow ma lead you can change your plans All you've gotta do is
call on me and I can be your SUPERMAN... yeah.

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