Etta Bond - The Funeral

Etta Bond - The Funeral - song lyrics
[Intro: Raf Riley]
1-2, 1-2, is this thing on?
My brothers and sisters, come out
We are gathered here today to mourn the weak who have fallen
The living who we have slayed, the slow who we have left behind
Those of you we are yet to find, may you rest peacefully
To some extent, don't get too comfy!

[Verse 1: Etta Bond]
The lake freezes over for the winter
No surface too thin for a sinner
I'll take my chances, step on the thinnest part
See, I'm not meant to have a heart
Love ain't advised for the care-free of us
Everything to fear, now the odd's here

Etta Bond - The Funeral  - Lyrics

I'm not allowed to fall in love and smiling's out the question
So I hop into a car and flatten some pedestrians
Do some class A drugs, lick out a couple lesbians
Slit my wrists and drink the blood, is that good enough love?
"Oh Etta, you're just like Lily Allen but way better"
I'm like Lily with a willy rocking a bally and carrying a beretta
Someone tell the female boss she's got the sack
Don't tell me you saw 1Xtra Live and still don't think she's wack
If she says urban one more time, I'll give the girl a slap
I say what the fuck I like, morning, noon, day and night

[Verse 3: Raf Riley]
Cause love comes around once in a lifetime
And I'm just rapping on a dance beat
The fuck? Shut up, come on
Jog along little boy, yeah, run on
"Yo, you got any beats I can jump on?"
I've got a bridge, you can jump off
I'm sick of the gaps in the market
Acts with your hands in the air, now party raps
Industry parties and Charlie raps
With nothing to say like Charlie Chap
You ain't going nowhere in life
Like Rita Ora without peroxide or
Rita Ora without the Roc sign
Songs to mime on, cocks to climb on
Ask Simon, you'll do fine
Ask Simon, you'll do great
Once we retouch the photos
Tune the vocals and drop that bass

[Outro: Raf Riley]
Haha, nice one guys
Now come on, let's go get fucked up at the wake
Who wants to do a line of The Wanted's ashes?
Come on

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