Billy Woods - High Treason - Lyrics

Billy Woods - High Treason - Lyrics

Billy woods - “High Treason”
[Emcee(s): billy woods]
[Producer(s): DJ Marmaduke]
[Scratches: Echoleader 1]

[Verse 1: billy woods]
Semi-high, blowing trees, and Benedict
Probably had his reasons, and if the [?]
Double back, fuck freezing. Better off
Breezing. (Toss the blunt?) Not even
Rather we got red-eye than cheesing
At least then, he wheezing. Open season
They keep half what they seizing
Pasty-ass Elmer Fudd, double-
-barreled. Don’t be daft, better duck
Call Harold. Nigga should have
Skipped town. Mentally stuck, never
Been out of his hood. D.A. caught him at his
Girl house, rolling the wood. Is that
Stupid or gangster? Is that flight or bammer?
Mumia, if I had a hammer
You’d be with Assata in Havana. I’m with
Weathermen, holding police scanners
If the MRI shows cancer, give me a
Suicide belt. Return of the Panther
Run up in the precinct wearing Nat Turner pa-
-jamas. Goddamn ya. Only video
I got out is on surveillance cameras
We’re shooting for MTV too. No, no
You’re not understanding. We’re shooting at the
106 & Park crew and then shoot at MTV too

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