Fat Nick - Need Me Some

Fat Nick - Need Me Some - Lyrics

[Hook: Fat Nick] x2
I just want me some more drank
Bitch I need me some
I just need me some more bands
Bitch I want me some
I just want me more designer
Bitch I need me some

I need me some
Bitch, bitch
I need me some

[Verse 1: Pouya]
Aye, uh
I could understand why another man
Wouldn't trust me, with his daughter
They treat me like I'm Satan
But you the one that need to be
Dipped in water (Yuh)
And I wanna know your motive
Your intention
Go hard with no erection
No direction
Got the whole selection, still I'm picky
Rappers under my ladder
But I'm not really superstitious (Bitch)
They climbing up just to touch my toes
And use my flows
And fuck my hoes (Yuh)
They ask me if I been getting money
I just told them, Magic Johnson
Positive, confirmative, afirmative
Bashing on anyone lacking
I pull out the stick
Like I'm blinding that traffic, boy (Yuh)
Don't get it fucked up
Still with a box top bitch
That's a dime (Yuh)
They say I'm the GOAT (Yuh)
But I've been feelin like God
Hit the hoe backwards she a dog (Bitch)
Then I'm off to Mars in my Cadillac
Imma flick the wrist
And never dap you back, up
I don't give a fuck who you is
I don't get star-struck, Bitch (Yuh)

[Verse 2: Mikey the Magician]
Used to always having all the venter
I'm used to pushing buttons
That be starting up my engine
I'm used to thousand dollars for the denims
I'm used to always winning
Boy I never came in second
Global gang independent
We make racks by ourselves
Buffet Boys is forever
We get pints in the mail
Hit up migo plug Danny
Asked him "What he got for sale?"
He said "Nothing but the merch, hit me on my other cell"

[Hook: Fat Nick] x2

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