Killstation - Leave You Guessing - Lyrics

Killstation - Leave You Guessing - Lyrics

[Verse: Killstation]
My demeanor is mean but I’m cleaner than clean
Like a Hungry Man dinner, no Lean Cuisine
Bitch, I’m 'bout to be famous like Charlie Sheen
Then I’ll die on Christmas like Martin, Dean
Come back to life, I’m seventeen
A worldwide tour is my monthly routine
Then I realize I’m dreaming, this can’t be true
Sleeping in my parent’s basement and I’m twenty two
Five years of my life washed right down the drain
Now I’m feeling so numb like novocaine
Bitch, I’m feeling insane but I can still rap (barely)
I’m feeling like Allah in Ackbar’s trap
Bitch I don’t need a strap, my body is a weapon
I’ve been squeezing necks like lemons ever since I was eleven
And I got a confession, I never learned my lesson
I still make people feel threatened, I’m a motherfucking felon
I’m not going to heaven, I’m smelly like resin
I’m poison like venom, expressing aggression
At any given second, it’s depressing
Ten years of therapy without progression
I know you got some questions
But I’ll fucking leave you guessing

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