Meek Mill - Cold Hearted II - Lyrics

Meek Mill - Cold Hearted II - Lyrics

Uh, make it out the hood, they say you Hollywood
How dare you niggas tell me that I got it good
Gotta check and treat these niggas like I'm Robin Hood
When it was time to stand up for me, see, nobody stood
And I was lookin' at you niggas, all the ones I fed
Had me grindin' all them nights you was going to bed
And if I think I owe you something, nigga gon' ahead
Treat you like I never knew you, put it on your head
And I got Papi on my line like, 'When you comin' home?'
My mama see it in my face, she know that somethin' wrong
Bodies droppin' in my city all summer long
Out on bail but I still gotta keep somethin' on
'Cause I can't let 'em take my life
You might get left you make that right
When he got left it wasn't right
But he was tryna live that life
I call up Coon to book that jet,
we like three deep, we take that flight
Used to land in California to play
that studio all night, we stayin' down
For the love of them millions, ain't layin' down
Left you in the hood, what you sayin' now?
And niggas wanted the smoke
You said, "Stand down," uh
Cold heart, never get cold feet
When the pressure come
It was beef, I had to tell niggas
"You better come"
Sister said they gettin' over, it's like you lettin' them
Some shit I had to learn my lesson from, uh
Checkin' in, checkin' out, I just had to check you out
2012, it was 50 niggas when I'm steppin' out
Forgot the time you asked me
For a check and I ain't lived it out
I ain't even know you was upset
This what this shit about?
A green piece of paper can turn you to a hater
When you can't bring up one time
You returned me for a favor
So I play these niggas real close
Talkin' closer than my neighbors
'Cause I know the signs when niggas
Switch sides, catch them vapors

Used to be my dawg, you was in my left titty
Scream, "Ride or die,"
I thought you would ride with me
Found out you was jealous
You wouldn't even grind with me
And when I copped the 6 you wanted the 550
Used to be my dawg, you was in my left titty
Scream, "Ride or die,"
I thought you would ride with me
Found out you was jealous
You wouldn't even grind with me
And when I copped the 6 you wanted the 550

See, I look at it like this
What I'm supposed to spend a thousand
nights in the studio rappin' my lights out?
Goin' city to city
can't take my son to school when I want to
can't see my mama, my family when I want to
They give a nigga my money
They act like he hangin' with me
I ain't ever been sweet
Far as I can remember
Every time I went to jail I had to
Stand up in that bitch by myself
I ain't never even think about a nigga callin' my
baby mama to pick my son up
To take him to the movies
Go play basketball while
I'm doin' this time in the cell
Actin' like I owe you somethin'
See, it hurt my heart to see some of my closest
friends turn their back on me
About that attention needle
Or a green piece of paper with a
slave master on the front of that shit
I used to hear niggas
niggas that I was feedin'
I heard 'em whisperin', "Meek Mill finished"
I was like, "And damn, I was feedin' you, bro"
All I did was keep grindin'
Through the storm, nigga
I'm like Derrick Rose on a
50-point night on a daily basis, nigga
For the love of the millions
royalty over loyalty, never get it confused
I got real friends and family that'll never
turn their back on me for the love of the money
I got a homie that's doin' life
He can't offer me no money
He can't offer me nothin'
But a friendship and a relationship
I talk to him seven days a week
So don't come to me talkin'
'Bout no money shit, nigga
So if you feel some type
Of way about my money
We goin' to the furthest extent to protect that
plate that goes under my
Son on the table, nigga
One love to all my family and friends
That stayed down through all the madness
While I had to sacrifice and put it all on the line
One time for my mom and sister that
never changed on me, even before I had money
Ride or die, no matter what
Dreamchasers for life, you dig?
Uh, I told niggas stop askin' me where niggas at
If you don't see 'em in the
pictures with me, that mean they faded away
I got my niggas out dissin' myself, fun
we love each other, it's all
Love but everybody can't make it
Niggas wanna burn a bridge and expect you
to send a yacht, huh? Where they do that at?

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