SWMRS - April In Houston

SWMRS - April In Houston - Lyrics

My train just caught on fire and I'm stuck here at the station
Is that Shannon playing on my favorite radio?
I can remember the first time that I saw her
I should have known that she would always be around

And what's the problem if I've got a little hesitation?
It it wrong to be afraid of growing up?
Can we wash these extra hands
I'm losing my sense of direction
In a haze

When everybody wants to get me high
Everybody wants to get me high
Everybody wants to get me high
But where will they go when I'm low

I told myself I'd never lose a bet against me
I told my mom I'd never stay out after dark
Fuck it all, I plead the fifth
Modern music makes me sick
And leaves me hungry for some action

Your brain just caught on fire
So you're stuck playing dress up
Would you unsee everything and sedate yourself again?
Here's an axe
Find a tree
What an opportunity to start a blaze


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