Blutengel - You Will Be A Woman - Lyrics

Blutengel - You Will Be A Woman  - Lyrics

I can see you in the distance
I am watching you for a long time
I have a feeling of purity
In my heart
I just want to tell you something

My little girl,
I have a secret for you
I want you to listen to my words
The world outside is no place for you
I will give you something
You never felt before

Let yourself go, close your eyes
Just give me your hands
You only need to feel me
Let yourself go, close your eyes
Just feel my warm embrace
You just have to trust me

You and I belong together,
Even though you´re much too young
I will make you grow up, darling
You will be a woman soon
Let me be your first seduction
Don´t be afraid, it will not hurt
I can show you many pleasures
You will be my girl forever

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