Dog Ears - The Howling - Lyrics

Dog Ears - The Howling - Lyrics

Wind. She howls and grips my bones to shaking.
Cold. She holds my legs to cease the moving.
Lying by the road I chose to take,
I turn my head to see the choice I made.

Save the show again, for me, I've lost the touch.
And I'm still stunned that you believed in me so much.
Just tell me when with air, I'll close my eyes.
And come what made the place it once suprised me.

You'll see.
You'll see.

Walls, they call to me, a tale to tell.
Of who was here before, and how they fell.
Is there a world without the love of you?
Don't let me be alone I beg of you.
I sing please.
I sing please.

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