Abkar, Jafarsnd - NANA

Abkar, Jafarsnd - NANA - Lyrics

This time ain't a brunnete
Shawty with the bralette
Fine ass lips with the glaze
Got her on my mind

Cutie pie with the glasses
Her soft voice got me dazzled
Let me slide to your dm
Cus youre on my side

Baddie with tatted wrist
Can we have some netflix
Come over to my place
Lets talk face to face

By the nar to my cos
Cus youre like cocaine
Addiction on the grip
Im no longer be sane

Something tells me that I can go thru
When i am with you
With your smile and all god I miss u

Serotonin kick right on the feels
Cus you are my pills
I need you to cope on my death wish
Those brown eyes be hypnotizing me
Mesmerizing me
Take me to the inside please make me

Youre the finest god ever create
Be my opiate
Ill let u ruin my life if you had to girl

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