ENYE - BRB - Lyrics

 Man, I’m just really on zen

Strollin' down the block
I got a quarter in my pocket
So you know I’m already on ten
Trynna pick a topic
But my thinking’s outta pocket
Man, I’m feeling like I’m boutta ascend
Listening to music
While my neighbors talkin' bullshit
They be on the stoop like 24/7
I’m just trynna listen to Dev
Momma taught me worry 'bout mine
Told me count my blessings
Everyday is a new lesson
Like I’m learnin' how to multiply
Feelin' like Christ
With my momma by my side
You could say I’m turnin' water to wine
If they never seen it
Better sure as hell believe it
Cus you know that I’m just rеally that guy
Put that on BX, NY

I tell’em look at the matеrial
Feeding kids like cereal
This music ain’t for the bums
This is that antibacterial
I went and copped me this beat
Threw some words like yeet!
Wrote some words like tweets
Save’em for later, receipts
Save’em for later
I’m bookin’em
Couple shows
Yeah I’m bookin’em
Couple projects
Yeah I’m cookin’em
Look at my customers, look at ’em
They know I bring it like Union
Married to money, my union
Bout my bread, like communion
Dead president reunion
Dead presidents all over me
All this green
All this herbal tea
Born with it like Maybelline
Born in it like ovaries
Born this way, like Gaga
My God
My story, my saga
Wait bring that shit back, yeah

You ain't even really want this smoke
Unless you really trynna come and smoke
14K gold all on my wrist
I ain't drop a nickel
This shit was a gift
I’m just worried 'bout my brother
That’s my kid
Everything I do
I say we did
All this work I’m putting in
I’m on the clock
Ain’t no app
But time is ticking like TikTok
All this buzz around me
Hit the woah
Ain't what I predicted years ago
All these conversations
How can I mute?
I ain’t gonna listen
Less the bitch cute

Nah but really though, I ain't gonna listen


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