Yashira - Amnesia

Black Pearl
Yashira - Amnesia  - Lyrics

Coarse tongues take root
Chained down
Burned in
Virulent enamel coating their throats
Chained down
Burned in
Enfold subversion
Sense of self unwinds
Malignant forges built in their tenet
Illustrious shifts of their own making
Marred in the haze
Propriety good as gone
Dead set ire
Reaction stripped of meaning
They recast the same lines
Blood-bound detriments
Watch it all break down
Watch it all fall further from sentience
Inward abrasion
Deepened in fear
State of retrograde amnesia
Infernal and ceaseless
Severed tongues can’t speak
Rooted in the wayside
Severed tongues can’t speak
Counter claims run their course
Can’t speak

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