Yashira - Inertia Mines

Yashira - Inertia Mines - Lyrics

Their ripened eyes for the taking
Common measures turn to noise
Fitting feast for the anemic
Loud voices wiser than none
Adhere to blue light
Assertions to incite
Consensus solidified
Backgrounds streamlined
Selective lies
Brought to hollow caves
Echoes endeared while frothing at the well
Descending steps in line
Drying eyes priеd open
Currents flow infinite
Solvеnt process carried out
Spin cascading
True contempt emanate
Narrowed option
They’ll dictate with free reign
Rank and file broken in
An onslaught of acuity
Compliance calcified
Memories revered, unsaved
Impulsive worship
Prone and bound
Lost minds monetized
Compliance pervasive
Terminal fixation
Practiced extraction
Conduits fragment
Repeated failing diffuse
No place to dissociate
Delusion abundant
Deprived of essence
Contentions integral
Collective fate an afterthought

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