Zacke - Ormberget

Black Pearl
Zacke - Ormberget  - Lyrics

[Producerat: Zacke, Movits!, David Björkén]

[Spoken-Word: Simon Trabelsi]
So it's right after March
I'm on Marietta Street at the intersection right by the park
And civil unrest is obviously brewing
Suddenly a rock crashes through a window
Then another one, then another one
And before I know it; cars are on fire, stores are being smashed and looted
Glasses shattering, tear gas canisters flying left and right
It was kaos
So you know I go buy a little 'rita to sip on, roll a blunt to smoke
And I have a seat in the park to watch it all burn
And, as I'm watching what feels like society unraveling
I start thinking about: ost mackor i gamla glassbyttor
You know flashbacks to friluvsdagar på Ormberget
Du vet dom andra kidsen va värsta slalom еxperterna
Zooming down the hill ba; pеw, pew, pew, pew, pew
Meanwhile I had to borrow my old step-grandpa's uråldriga längdskidor
Shoes that look like black duck feet
And I had to strap into the skis through a rat trap looking contraption
And so, while I'm watching the other kids race down the hill and lift pack up and reapet
I be kinda wondering if that's it's own kind of trap
And I thought you know what y'all can keep that
If you need me I'll be out in the woods
Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew
(You already know what the fuck going on)
If I had a gun, I would shot your punk ass
Ey, that's the exact sound I was out here making
[Sång: Alina Björkén]
Din stjärna tändes tidigt
Överallt fann du en scen
Du dansade en dröm
Under gatlyktornas sken
Och när jag hinner se tillbaka
Har jag svårt att reda ut
Allt det där som aldrig hände
Ifrån det som tagit slut

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