Alfie Jukes - Spiderwebs

Black Pearl
Alfie Jukes - Spiderwebs - Lyrics
Alfie Jukes - Spiderwebs

{Verse 1}
Will you recognise me?
If our blue and brown eyes meet in the crowd
Psychoanalyse me
Are we happy in this clean, empty house?

{Verse 2}
Oh, I've fallen enough for these knees to give in
And your brown paper packages I tied up with string
They surround me
I still haven't found me

{Verse 3}
And I've stalled for too long, now I'm somebody new
Keep on wearing me down 'til my cheeks are all blue
From the night cold
Our limbs in a tight hold

There's a new scent on your sweatеr
But the less I know, the bеtter

I've been walking through spiderwebs

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