AristeiA - Pranamasana

Black Pearl
AristeiA - Pranamasana - Lyrics

All this trouble I’ve caused, the pain I carry
I walk through the darkness
There’s this place where I always feel less of what I am told to be Don’t forget looking back also serves purpose
A purpose to show how hard you’ve pushed before
Don’t forget you’re a walking representation of strength
There will be days when you doubt yourself
But the key to it all is knowing that the ache in your heart won’t last forever
That overwhelming sense of affection is the darkness that clouds over you
But that’ll be the only motive you’ll ever need

I know the feeling ( x2)

Of coping with a world that I wasn’t intended for
It wasn’t intended for me
Knowing those of the same descent are wishing for your failure isn’t something easily comprehended
Hearing the echo of my broken youth and all that’s gone wrong
I am the sole keeper to my own path
I can’t live with regret, it’s sink or swim
I will not fear the day when the odds are against me
I will stand firm
I will and cannot fear myself anymore
Although the road ahead of me may be difficult
I know I’m not alone

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