​ch2rms - A message to myself

Black Pearl
​ch2rms - A message to myself

ch2rms - A message to myself - Lyrics

Im conflicted about myself
Im really am a worse
I been trying hard to speak but when do it, it hurts
I like to break it up
Im breaking it up in paragraphs
Ima tell ya my story
Listen up and dont be sad
I got issues about myself the confidence is low
Every single month, psycho up this episodes
Im bout to let up
I keep to myself at night, in causionally i post on my stories
Deleted it after night,,
Theres something wrong w me
I got deal this like from myself
Im tired of cry, call u up tell u that im well
I like to lie about it, i dont need u on my business
But somedays feelin low i want somebody to tell my business
Im thinkin im lookin for affection ion care who is it
I need a hug
I need a reach. (yeah)
I need a touch
I want u yell to say u love me or im not doin alright
I want to u ask if i ate
Tell me good night
Kinda sad i got reject 3 times in a year
They tellin me relationship isnt really ur appeal
Then why can everybody else be happy w they love
And yeah expecting me to deal with it
Im giving up
Ik u listenin it, and after this (?)
Hate myself i wanna go inside this and cry
And im the worse i swear i deserve to die

(u know why u hate yourself so much maybe its bcuz u can't be in ur own skin)

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