COMMi$$ION (rap) - Deloreon

Black Pearl
COMMi$$ION (rap) - Deloreon - Lyrics

Commi$$ion ( off the top verse )

I never meant to cause you pain
I'm sorry that i'm at my crazy games again
The things that spew out my mouth
I don't know who i am

How did i let these demons out

Scream and shout inside this mind
Try to figure out designs
Blueprints so i can just stop
Hit that switch, flip it & stop
Way before i get that way
Nothing you could ever say
Ever could make me
Justify, all that

Shooting words
That i wish i could take back

But if i didn't do it first
I wouldn't have to hate myself
For all that

Sometimes i just need
To give myself the ether

Sometimes i just need
To be my own teacher

And yeah some therapy
Somebody to talk it out

May help a little bit
But it's a battle with myself

I am on a shelf
And i keep putting myself there
I take myself out for a minute
But then i get scared

I ain't afraid to admit
I live my life in fear

I gotta make some changes
Before i end up


In the great beyond
And i'll be gone

And i wish it was different here
But time machines don't exist

In reality
Or i'd be
So back to change it all
I wish i could change it all

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