Earl of Manila - L.O.A.

Black Pearl
Earl of Manila - L.O.A. - Lyrics

{verse 1: earl}
Yeah, i’m not a bad person
But i’ve done some bad things
And i sure regret it
I wanna take credit
For things that i’ve done
Can’t turn the clock
I wish i could block
All of these thoughts out
I wish i could somehow
Uh oh
I should’ve known better

{verse 2: earl}
That part of me is dead now
But i can never forget
That i could hurt you like that
I wanna take it all back
Apologize to you
Please hear me out loud
I’m taking this chance to say i'm sorry right now
I wish i could somehow

{chorus 1: earl}
I should’ve known better (i should’ve known)

{verse 3: vydd}
Yeah, it keeps me up at night
Been tryna find my light
My friends saying i'm different now
Don't make that shit alright (i'm sorry)
Don't let me get away with it (don't let me get away with it)
You said i was your favorite (you said i was your favorite)
Now you know what a traitor is
Well i don't wanna be him now
For all the times i let you down (down)
The nights when i wasn't around (the nights when i wasn't around)
Whenever i acted like that (i hate that i acted like that)
And tried to blame it on my past (sorry)

{chorus 2: vydd}
I should've known better
I should've been better
You deserve better
So imma do better

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