Expiry Date - Heartbeat

Black Pearll
Expiry Date - Heartbeat

Expiry Date - Heartbeat - Lyrics

Saw you running
What from were you running?
They think it’s funny
I bathe in my sorrows

Summers over
You’re stuck in denial
You’re not trying
I know you won’t find me
Felt too lucky
I knew that something was off
Put me back where I belong
Take my rights, put me in Wrong
Lullaby of the train stop
Your Make-up makes my skin gloss
Connected through cellular
You know that I can’t get enough
The rhythm of your heart beating
The rhythm of your heart beating
If I had one wish
Everything in this World
I‘d pick you
But I know you won’t
Can’t get out my Bed
My ideas spin
Wake up
And you’re not next to me
Girl I need you you’re my ecstasy

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