​heylog - Disintegrate

Black Pearl
​heylog - Disintegrate - Lyrics


{Verse 1}
I could disintegrate right in front of you right
You wouldn't know whether if I was dead or alive
I was just destined to see if (?...)

{Verse 2}
In the evening 'til it's cold
Has him right beside the wild
Every bug is now buzzin' in the forest, in the mud
It's that time to hibernate
And almost retreat from the north
Toward the south to my gray
Winter streets get quickly warm, oh
Descending to your soul
Betraying from my skull
Would you tell me what you want?
You reap with what you sow
Determining your mind, hope to intertwine
Everything alide, besidе you feeding me with lies

{Verse 3}
Poking through the light I lost

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