KAZUTO - 2AM in Orlando

Black Pearll
KAZUTO - 2AM in Orlando - Lyrics


{Verse 1}
Vibe until the sun come up (Aye)
Got a little bit of rum in the cup (Yeah)
I sink one, two, three, I get balls back
Pullin' in racks with my boys runnin' Blackjack
I'm mean, call me kryptonite
Limousine, pull up to my crib tonight
My boy, J, he skrt in the caddy
Run up, show up, shoot up, we suit up, we look like daddies

What'd you say?
I'mma do a windmill

{Verse 2}
This one goes out to my brudda in Alaska (Ice)
Where the snow fall, where she at? Imma ask her
I remember ballin' out with my dawg, he a spida
Rockin' the spidas, no I cannot deny that shit look
Fire, too tired to light her or write her a letter
Bring it back, it excite her
Tonight we pull an all-nighter
Tomorrow we stand up, defy her
Fight a little bitty too much, get expired
Required to tell you that I am not inspired
By your bullshit
You keep comin' back around with that bullshit
Why don't you make your way around and see wassup wit it?
I know my boys got my back, yeah they won't quit
So I blinked, we're in college, that was real quick
Caught a glimpse of the group pic, now I'm homie-sick

I just need a bit of time and luck to get to the top
We're gonna get to the top
I'mma bring y'all with me goin' to the top

I just wanna pour it down my throat
Search up if Publix has frisbees
Looks like all they have is just like little shitty, like
So why are we going?
I don't know, to get out, do something
What is Ryan dying for?
Ask him, you think I know?

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