Lightnin' Hopkins - Woke Up This Morning


Lightnin' Hopkins - Woke Up This Morning - Lyrics

 Woke up this morning

Went down to the store

Man said " what you want son ?"

I said " just a little bit more"

Cos i been working in the fields

I been drunk in the town

My eyes raised up to heaven

But lord i keep falling down

I'm tired and i'm troubled

All tattered and torn

My boot heels all busted

My welcome out worn

Still i get up every morning

I work hard and i lie

Sure would like to see just one thing

Real pretty fore i die

Maybe that's why i travel

Why i wandered away

Some things you don't rightly know

Some you can't hardly say

But i been all over missouri

And i been down to the sea

And you know in my heart now

You'll travel with me

Through the hurt and the hoping

The rain and the snow

I ain't bitter or broken

I want you to know

For the few steps we shared

For our time on the road

Cuz to you i unburdened

Just a bit of my load

We each got our own troubles

Our own ideas and beliefs

And the lord surely knows

We done got our own griefs

Still i got up this morning

And i threw some clothes on

And i fixed me some coffe

Then i wrote you this song

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