LyricalWarlock - Question

Black Pearl
LyricalWarlock - Question - Lyrics

I just wanna ask you a question
I just wanna ask you whats real
I just wanna ask you this final time do you see through these lies

See me for what I am hearts glowing gold again
My world is forever broken but I will rebuild it in towers
Bruhcity yes a flower I had to go bloom-bloom
You see me go forth do you recognize me
Do you recognize this my heart glowing with gold
My heart forever flying flying flying you know
I was in that rainbow reflect on all the world around
I love this world its beautiful 2
I love this world as it glows im a bee
I see the christmas tree lights its glowing like the spring
The spring comes again to winter then I just freeze
But I know spirit is around and it goes back
It comes again as the wintеr falls on dawn the dawn
The dawn falls curtains drawn curtains drawn and then I go fall
Do you rеcognize this recognize love? I know you do (laugh)

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