LyricalWarlock - SWERVE

Black Pearl
LyricalWarlock - SWERVE - Lyrics

Swerve on me swerve swerve
Driftin clouds for purpose
Driftin clouds for scenery we so high
Yes i love this world its the world around me
Yes i love this world world flow with ice
Yes i go forth through the pain and the smoke
Evolve myself to something new where i want to go
I love this world i love to dance i love to party
This world goes crazy forever red like carti
They see me swervin swervin swervin in the distance
Drift drift this think that they they'll miss it
Raiderknight in the clouds yes you see me forever
Im in this world forever like the weather
All the seasons yes i seem sorounded
I am connected to my heart and i fallback yes
See this world around me yes i love it
Love this world around me yes its adorning
Im with the crown with the thorns yes
See my heart go forth into forests
Im so cold man yes i feelin haunted
As i fallback demons yes im starting
You see my heart baby falling off
Yes i love the world around me had to swerve on
In my heart go forth yes i learned where to go where we love the most

Yes i swerve swerve into the world into the world
Yes your heart glows its the world around me shows i know
Go go crazy my heart swerve heart swerve
Where we going next i dont know i fly like a bird
I go i go i dont know i dont know
I see my heart go forth again you can’t take it tho
Heart go heart go swerve swerve
Heart go baby say the word im a bird
And im gon fly fly fly like a bird knows
Its my heart swerves
Heart swerves christmas lights around put em up
The ceiling man never gonna drown
Swerving in the clouds drift drift drifting
See my heart forever baby im not quitting
Flowers that i built you know its bruhcity
Im like the weather man cause im never quitting
I still swerve swerve swerve in the cloud9
Drift drift drift swear we made it so high
Ten thousand ten thousand of all of us
See my heart go on forever never never miss
Forever where i go i am not falling

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