Mighty Shadow - Dingolay

Black Pearll
Mighty Shadow - Dingolay - Lyrics

Verse 1:
Music sweet, music sweet
The one invented music has got to be terrific
Got to be the one who created the sun and the trees, rivers and seas

Music fills the world with happiness
Plenty sweetness and togetherness
Music have no friends or enemies;
Everybody could dingolay

Dingolay! (Hey-hey-hey-hey!)
Dingolay! (Hey-hey-hey!)
Dingolay! (Hey-hey-hey-hey!)
Dingolay! (Hey-hey-hey!)

If your clothes tear up or your shoe burst up
You could still jump up, when music play
Old lady, young baby, everybody could dingolay

{music interlude}

Verse 2:
Melody, harmony
Music is the atmosphere, sweet music is everywhere
Even in the back, in the dark, a blind man can find a melody


{music interlude}

Verse 3:
Fantasy, energy
You don’t need a bulldozer to become a composer
Every little ‘pock’ or a ‘tock’ may help to construct, a melody


{extended music interlude to end}

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