Black Pearl

{Part I}

First lemme give you a lil’ information (Yuh)
There’s not enough doctors for all of the patients (Nah)
Cut down the rainforest, deforestation (Brrrrt)
Unqualified government’s the causation (The what?)
Very low voter count participation
Hundred and one problems, like the Dalmatians
Currency strugglin’ ‘cause of inflation
That’s why Gabon is a struggling nation

{Verse 1}
Gabon has always been ruled by dictatorship
This is the base of the country, the spine
Gained independence from France in the 60s
They really hoped that the stars would align
Gabonese president ruled the whole country for forty-three years
That’s a whole lotta time
Sad thing is, they have another dictator
His son took the rule in 2009 (Nine, nine, nine)
Ayy, I don’t mean to scare ya (No, no, no)
Gabon has malaria (WHAT?)
Two percent of the whole male population has rabies or AIDS
It ain’t fair, yuh (Nah, nah, nah)
This leader corrupt (-rupt)
In 2019, they made 2.3 billon off oil
Wondering where they stuffed it (I’m thinkin’ that the president had sumn to do with this)
It doesn’t get redistributed
Government claimed to put 200 million towards fishing exports
I don’t think they did (Come on)
Why would they say all these fallacies? (Why?)
I wanna say they embezzled the money
But I don’t want them to come after me (Never mind)
Last year, there was an imbalance in finances
I guess embezzling it has to be (Woah, woah, woah)

No, stop, stop, stop
Basically what happened was
In 2019, the finance minister of Gabon was claiming that the government was spending large sums of the yearly budget on military expenditures that didn’t actually exist
After the people of Gabon rallied for the country to focus more on exports of barracuda fish and produce, rather than turning the whole country into a massive oil rig, President Ali made speeches talking about how the country was going to implement a five-step plan on cutting down oil exports and place some protective sanctions on the rainforests to stop lumber exports, and in its place focus on the fishing industry and exports of veneer, which at the time was extremely high in demand

It was later found, however, that this five-step plan was created with no intention of actually being performed
This is a problem because the GDP of Gabon has begun to rely more and more on an oil reserve that continues to diminish more and more as time goes on

{Part II}

The land as a whole
It’s being run as a business, rather than being run as a country
And, honestly, I—
I just wish someone knew what to do about it (Me too, bruh)
You know? (It’s too bad)
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
This deforestation stuff is not cool

{Verse 2}
Let’s go
It must hurt being Gabonese
Wakin’ up to look outside, wonderin’ if you’ll have some trees
President Ali has gotta stop, man I’m askin’ please

Forestry and oil’s finite, it’ll have to cease (I know)
Invest the money into better things
Fashionwear and produce, maybe fishing
Get some wetter things
Gabon can do anything, they could get some better bling
Lots of mines with diamond and gold deposits
Make some wedding rings (Nah, for real) (Bling)
Nah, I’m being serious (Okay)
Untapped potential in these caves, it make me furious (Mmm)
Why don’t they just harvest it? They gotta be delirious (Why?)
President Ali has always acted so mysterious (Ugh)
People of Gabon don’t get to choose and they can’t stand as one
Dictators lead, with his brother, mother, and his son (Brrt, ayy, ayy, ayy)
You would think they done, ain’t no need to press the panic button (Brrt, brrt)
That’s because they right next to the ocean, the Atlantic one
Ayy, fishing is a worthy industry (Nah)
Norway started doing it, their growth has come consistently (Yeah)
Since investin’ in it, two percent they upped they GDP (Two)

Find some other exports that won’t damage, that’s the key, you see (The key)
It’s not that easy though, it’s complicated
Europe bought up most of all their mines, it’s like they confiscated
They don’t have the rights to their own minerals, they gotta hate it
Vicious poverty means no matter what, they couldn’t wait it

Border policy is prolly stricter than camisole (Huh?)
Immigration crazy from Latinos, Filipinos
Wanna immigrate? You’re outta luck like gambling at casinos
If you try, you won’t get in, it’s like Ben Simmons takin’ free throws (Hahaha)
Letting in more immigrants is what the country need though (Mhm)
Money circulations helps economies
It’s gotta be, they gotta see
It’s savin’ their economy like chemo (Save)
Malaria been runnin’ through the people from mosquitoes
Need some fines for poaching ‘cause this industry ain’t free though (They really do)

Really need some poaching fines, taking tusks and mostly rinds
Leadership in coachin’ lines, Gabon’s in a crisis
Maybe not, but it’s approachin’ time

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