Piff Marti - Alright

Black Pearl
Piff Marti - Alright - Lyrics, Song Lyrics

I’ll be alright

(Verse 2)
I learn that sometimes depression looks exactly a smile on the face or
A positive take or provocative ways
Getting back in the bed cause you don’t mind being late
A single mother of 2 who don’t have hobbies or faith
The obvious ain't so obvious when your mind is at stake
And honestly it could probably be defined as a case
Embodying angst and wondering if I’ll I be embraced
The timing ain't safe that pressure make a diamond rеlate
Invisible was going on inside and I ain't safе from it
I could ignore it and stay stunting or instead reflect and figure what I could take from it
After that short stop I’ll bring it home like I’m base running

But trust it ain’t easy when anxiety mixed with lack of sobriety
Fire you up and make you forget yourself
And shit I could agree at irony loner with notoriety
One of the worse feelings I’ve ever felt
But I’ll be alright
I’ll be alright

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