PKZ - Blackest Blood

Black Pearl
PKZ - Blackest Blood - Lyrics

Slag pits - of the blackest fire
Burn dark - for human desire
Steadfast - as the money gains
Stuffing the suits and forever blood stained
Cutthroat spilled red to bring up the sun
Profit the black till Armageddon comes

Make null, breed unconsciousness
Chronic failure, terminal ignorance
Random arrays of questions in blank eyes
Degenerated to a network of lies
The blackest blood sustains
The men who switch heads
And wave their flags over the dead
Burn likе fires of the blackest blood

A promisе of abundance
Brings home unto begging minds
A covenant of utopia
Pacifies broken lines
Apocalyptic failure
Breaks down for all to see
Perpetuate stagnance
The ignorant unhappy bend easily

Machine gun fire breaks out
The rhythm of the black blood
And rains red down over the flood
Burn like fires of the blackest blood

Burn like fires of the blackest blood

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