Sarina Désir - Jealousy

Black Pearl
Sarina Désir - Jealousy
Sarina Désir - Jealousy - Lyrics

Knew I should've stayed home

Knew I should’ve left it alone
Knew I should’ve never tried
Knew you would be that guy

Living in a fantasy
Always falling too quickly
Holding on so desperately
I’ll always be the girl you need

Look at what you've done to me
Guess loving her is so easy
You took all the best of me
All that’s left’s a shell of me
(I know) It's hard for you to listen
Listen when I’m trying (I know)
To keep you on my side
I know, I know, I know it wasn't all bad
(all bad) Don't want you to forget that
(get that) Forget me, don't want you to forget me

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