Severlast - The Reason I Here

Black Pearl
Severlast - The Reason I Here - Lyrics

I here for this


I here for this

Yo this is the reason I here

You got a problem with my rap

There the door
If you gon' acuse me of being a fake rapper

Lets go to the wresteling mat

You gon' loose

But this is the bottom line and we ain't never been down this road

And I still represent Christians

You don't know what you got until it's gone

I don't wanna hear about it

And they still wanna sound like me

I know you smell it in your bag

Underground and out the underground

I still represent Amеrica

Over a thousand black market rappers

I hеre for this

This is what I live for

You tired of me rappin´

Okay, you can leave now

Who lack thereof and even ask for their masters

I put the herb to your back and start slapping your shoulders

And poor example of hardcore kids

This is for the poor rappers

Against the media rappers and the policies of a middle school history teacher

Pretending that they listen to the masters

And narcotic mc's can't harm your feelings

This is for the criminal war rappers

Who lack the strength of crack writers and doctors
And all the aunts and uncles who failed to make millions and made the blind poor

But through the to the back of the jet black to the burned

And if you ask nicely

Have yet to get burned and confirmed

Who lack communications and stack chips

If they had a perm or a perm or a burn being burned

Or rather black ministers that are gon' die

Just cause they black or christian

Who lack the strength to push flockpers

I here for this


I here for this

This is the reason I here

So get off my back

Before the victims who took the coke blockers finish off us christians

And teachers of the main source

I always tell my teachers that I still rap a lot

They tell me to stop playin around an get a real job


Even my language teacher tells me that


Thanks for teachin' me how to write

Why you teach me that if I ain't gon use it?

I came from Oregon

Who mix mafia life and make the world stop us?

And got more rhymes than you could have been into doctors

So he can get rebellious

From up north to up north

Who turn that hotel room into a home in the garage

Who selling up to our neighbors?

I here for this


I here for this

This is the reason i'm here y'all, I don't care what you tell me or do to me, this is what I want to do, this is what I am gonna do. Later

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