SleeplessPost - Anime Masterminds Cypher

SleeplessPost - Anime Masterminds Cypher - Lyrics

{verse 1: light yagami (sleepless post)}
Make a list of all the evil and vile people they vetted
And find me another person alive who wouldn't regret it
Taking the demonic gift that they dropped to me from the heavens
No one else could redefine the course of history in fourty seconds
The world is rotten, the people here have been forgotten
They've been abandoned by the gods who are watching
So pass the pen, give me some pics, a list of names and i'll jot 'em
And i will show you all the righteous path of kira is the only option

{verse 2: shogo makishima (connor quest!)}
Can't read my moves, or what i might do next
A different breed, different genes, i ain't like you pests
Got priorities skewed, living their lives through text

People fighting for their lives over a light blue check
What's it worth to you? a system build to deprive?
Will to survive? will you be still to the side? are you still to decide?
The system rules, i am keen to deny
Only if fate deems that i die, will i completely comply?

{verse 3: junko enoshima (da-wolf)}
Yah, can't catch me slipping like it's ballet, split you like a plie today
Since you saying you can't stand me, trigger happy wreaking havoc
Analytically i calculate trajectories
And this gon' end in tragedy, if you gonna step to me
I'm pushing p like varsity letters in the academy
That's pressure, like testers, i seek and destroy a nuisance
Turn 'em lunar, the peak of your hope is to be so mini

You were never on my radar, don't get rolled up like some latin r

{verse 4: lelouch vi britannia (zach b)}
Off my high horse, but it's safe to say that i've done a bit
They can spout about this and that, don't ask questions though, i just run with it
I've got layers to my limits, no, i'm not the villain, but i've had enough of this
Now i really have a reason, they don't wanna see it, better hope that i'm only bluffing it
Thought i would fall, but i might just wing it
And it's your call, but you all can bring it
Now if they stall, then i might just visit
And i've been appalled, so i guess i'm in it
Yeah, and it's good to be hollow in the moments like this
'cause you don't really care if it hurts you
But you can follow me, i'm like a king
I am not afraid to make first moves

{verse 5: isabella (nina hope)}
Better stay inside, there's no point running away
Or another place to hide 'cause the demons wanna play
Oh, you think you know the way? oh, you really won't obey?

Well, you might end up in pieces, but at least you tried
Mother knows best
Always three steps ahead
Why not give it a rest?
Or you'll just end up dead
Oh, you're gonna think i'm joking?
This is no matter to laugh
So just stop all this provoking
You don't understand my love

{verse 6: sosuke aizen (mat4yo)}
Open your eyes and see
Aizen reaching the highest peak
And i might just be the god you meet
When you leave this whole society
Who's the master? mastermind - it's me
I'm the winner - it's how this war should be
Like a nail in the coffin, all i need
Is one finger to drop the beat
This is no game of thrones, so dry the measly, the tiers you try to weep
Right hand to the lord, you can find me seeded in the highest seat
Finders keepers when i see you write your childish raps
Every punchline that you try to land was all according to my plan

{verse 7: makima (knight of breath)}
I've got plans, i'll make a better world
They all can bark, but i've got bite, oh sure, i'll be your girl
I'm the big dog, i snap my fingers in a second they twirl
A mastermind tricking your mind, oh, please, my darling, don't hurl
I'll make you my pet
You'll obey my every command (obey me)
I'll win, or you'll eat me
So rev up your chainsaw, man, you'll thank me

{verse 8: donquixote doflamingo (cam steady)}
I smile through the pain, i pull the strings on the game
I'm turning pirates to puppets, you can't escape from the cage
Celestial dragon been dragged to the underworld by the chains
So i made my father a goner, and then the rest, y'all my slaves
I'm saying nothing's gonna hold me back, this new world is my holyland

I'm laying down the law, the bodies drop a lot, i boldly stand
And hit my little dance, big stepper, better coat
Stop the goat? i'll still get the final laugh, what a joke

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