The Protomen - The Fight

Black Pearll
The Protomen - The Fight - Lyrics

Through the years I’ve heard the city cry
Somehow I always hoped to make it right
Today I watched that hope catch fire
Don’t ask me now to sit and watch you die

I’m sorry for the way your father went
I wish there’s something more it could have been
But each of us was born to die and now I know that’s how the story ends

And I know we’ve had our time, I know we’ve had a chance, but I know the fight is already done
My father told me once when I was young
Oh A man cannot undo the things he’s done
But even though you can’t go back
You chase the path by choosing to move on

When there’s nothing you can do

(This city’s heart is still beating)

When the night weighs down on you

There’s a reason you survive

(The sound will rise I swear it)

And as long as your alive

Then the fight is already done

The hope of man his own machine

It’s there in hands of skin and bone and now our time has come
If we ever had a chance
We will stand against the fire
For as long as we can stand
If we make it through the night
If we live to see the dawn
They will search beneath the ashes for the will to carry on
I know!

I know!

I know!

I know
I know the sound of violence

(This city’s heart still beating)
(The sound will rise I swear it)

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