Travis - 8 Turned Infinity

Black Pearl
Travis - 8 Turned Infinity - Lyrics

{Intro: TRAVIS}
They claimin end times, all they see is crosses, cross eyed, they cannot see straight, I'm true infinity, save your figure 8, I’m the highest power ever no need to debate, I'm the most profitable profit, the universe been late, space time movin fast, we don't need the weight or to wait

{Verse 1: TRAVIS}
I pull-up to the cal party, I’m the most cal in there, calendar, these girls wanna date. Loop holes in construct, 8 figures, figure 8, 88 mil that just ain't enough, 88 mil call that livin rough

{Verse 2: TRAVIS}
My money on infinity, I just refrain from outlandish spendin, exTRAVagant, government, went to me for lendin, I run the gov there is no pretendin

{Verse 3: TRAVIS}
How's Party, Howard's Party, world peace because of me, there's no need for army, I'm untouchable, no one can harm me

{Verse 4: TRAVIS}
I'm president of the universe, more than united states, they can't cancel my platform but canceled Andrew Tate’s

{Verse 5: TRAVIS}
Let that sink in, Im not in the sunken place, on my LinkedIn, they can’t keep up with my pace, I'm the highest power ever, there ain’t a job I'll chase

{Verse 6: TRAVIS}
Jobs can't hire me, drugs can't higher me, I’m the highest there will ever be. Headliner, my news take the lead, this is more than BuzzFeed, I'm abundant, I don't have a need

{Verse 7: TRAVIS}
8 years, 2 terms, turned to terms of infinity, every other leader is a mini me, figure 8, net worth 8 figures, 8 pack skinny me, animated cover art, I'm more renown than Disney be, I'm neither a rodent or a pig, can't guinea me

{Verse 8: TRAVIS}
I payed the opps, to go jump a scammer & go arrestem, hard time for the crime, call that rock a felon, I'm straight droppin dime, modern Rockefeller

{Chorus: TRAVIS}
8 turned infinity, 8 turned infinity, 8 turned infinity, 8 turned infinity

8 turned infinity, 8 turned infinity, 8 turned infinity, 8 turned infinity

{Outro: TRAVIS}
We have to scientifically evolve to not eating, not breathing, not drinking, & not needing certain heating. Self reliance & invincibility is infinity leading

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