Wange - Grace Nights

Black Pearll
{verse 1}
A whole damn summer was about to flash by
I couldn’t wait till’ we could meet up
So many things you’ve done since we kinda fell off
But the sun graced us with a shining spell

{verse 2}
To be in love in the city should be a crime
I just keep getting lost and i’m going mad
Sweat collecting between pavement like a cast
It was a new place, it was a new ourselves

{pre-chorus 1}
You’d make a fool of yourself at the sushi buffet
I’d hit you up with my heart on my hands
We’d patrol the streets talking way to much shit
But it wouldn’t work any way

{chorus 1}
I could never know if you really cared
And maybe if i asked, you would have stayed
But i’m sorry, i’m just way too scared
I don’t want this dreamed-of grace night to change

{verse 3}
It's all a dream, it's ok to keep it all inside
'cause it will keep the spark of my eyes alive
I'm so glad that you're smart but i dread what you'd say if you are smart enough to align all the signs but
When you realize, i’ll have been gone for a while

{pre-chorus 2}
You would come up to meet without being too sweet
I’d be going mad with my heart on my sleeve
We would get silent when there was nothing to say
And i could see it all end

{chorus 2}
I never knew if you were really there
For you, i’d have stayed on the town i hate
But you were looking beside me, at her
The grace night i dreamed of, dust in the wind

You would get so confused by the way i refused to
Say what i think, to tell you what i mean
And i just couldn’t speak, you’ll not see any tear
‘cause then it couldn’t become anything real
The secrets i keep are meant to die with me
The fault is all mine, i should tame what i feel
And i sure should have know, you’re not aiming at me
But i thought i could suspend reality
Don’t take this personal but i should take my leave
It was great to catch up, to see how you’ve grown, kid
I hope you had fun with the wounds that will bleed
It will scar just fine, forget what you’ve seen
And for you, my new me, i know you’re listening
This is what you must learn, this is not a good fic
And you already knew it would end up like this
There was no grace night to begin with

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