ZOTiYAC - Gibberish

Black Pearl
ZOTiYAC - Gibberish - Lyrics

During this tour as we open the door cerebral dysmorphia took it’s course cut the head off look at the source it’s unfortunately amoral
But nothing else of the sort

Creeping up like a chordate a rudimentary spinal cord a bendy rod supporting the dorsal
Formed by the ectodermal
And padded steps moving tactical im forever learning
The comb jelly
Chrome weapon turn ya bones jelly
Push up like a felon yac propelling like a flown heli
Dwelling through the blown
Belly of the beast alone
Yellin free my niggas out the pen
I used to have my own celly
Im on the edge of disaster nuclear armageddon coming right on schedule it’s petty yet still im ever-ready

I love war and this life is a bloodsport
But come with it a weird force that ain't citing a clear source and if heaven is right above us im looking to steer us north
At yo funeral in a suit talking stupid like piers morgan

Walk wit a big cap in a stick just like the victorian era dr kevorkian orchestrate a notorious torture method but i was just giving you what you ordered this terror is insubordinate no authority formed against me is even a fork in this road im in a delorean flying by a euphoria hearing only accordions
Shooting straight through the cornea of the storm category is unimportant but Dorian must’ve bored me im snoring if you was telling the story, something like a centurion go to war no historian but his story end glorious blazing this allegory transformed into a memoriam morpheus to a mortal triceratops to a scorpion

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