Zubair Ijaz - Kilts of Hard Rock Stars Scottish Kilts

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Zubair Ijaz - Kilts of Hard Rock Stars Scottish Kilts - Lyrics

Kilts are always fun to wear because it is not just about wearing them but rather wearing a sacred national costume. When a hero wears a kilt, is it simply a phase outfit or a declaration of Scottish legacy? At times it's both! Find out about how hard rock stars are shaking the stage while wearing their legacy

- Axl Rose

Axl Rose, the most well-recognized and the lead singer of world-conquering hard rockers Guns n Roses’ was born on Feb 6, 1962. Rose is an American performer, vocalist, musician, and record makеr. Having an unmistakable and strong far-reaching voice, Rosе has been named perhaps the best vocalist ever by different news sources, including Rolling Stone and NME. Axl Rose is of Scots-Irish legacy on his dad's side. Axl might have been the absolute first hard rock star however not in general terms to wear the Men's Kilt Fashion in front of an audience

- Jonathan Howsmon Davis

Jonathan Howsman Davis was born in California on Jan 18, 1971. His descendants include English, German, Scottish and welsh. He attended high school in highland where he faced criticism for wearing baggy clothes, and eyeliner and moreover for listening to new wave music. He was being bullied for having tattoos and called homophobic names. Davis is an iconic bagpipe player and he said that he was inspired by ‘Amazing Grace’ which played in some funeral scenes. So, you can clearly say that he does not only wear kilts as a costume but it is his legacy that he is wearing

- Jack White
He is commonly known as Jack white but his real name is John Anthony White was born in Detroit on July 9, 1975. Jack White is an American multi-instrumental artist, songwriter, singer, and producer as well. Jack is most renowned as the lead vocalist and guitarist of The White Stripes, Jack White is broadly credited as a head of the restoration of "carport rock" during the 2000s. Are his kilts legacy or simply awesome alt-style? Well, his mom's family is Polish and his dad's Scottish-Canadian, so there is some association there

- Zakk Wylde

Zachary Phillip Wylde the lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and a lead singer of a heavy metal band was born on Jan 14, 1967. In 2006, his imprints and mark were added to the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame. So in the event that you looked into "heavy metal badass” in the word reference, you could track down Zakk's image. What's more, his stylish kilt thoroughly shouts WARRIOR. Anyway as may be obvious, Zakk has no immediate association with the Highlands (he was conceived by Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt) so the kilt is probably only for the cool component. Moreover, in an interview, Zakk was asked what inspired him to wear the kilt and he was of the view that when he was in Seattle he saw people wearing kilts and utility kilts being sold in stores. From there he adopted his new style of wearing kilts

- Skiltron

Skiltron is an Argentinian folk metal band founded in Buenos Aires in 2004 by Emilio Souto. Skilton is viewed as one of only a handful of exceptional Southern American metal groups to combine weighty metal and Celtic music, a style normally more normal in many pieces of Europe. They are likewise notable for integrating bagpipes into their music. The name "Skiltron" comes from a variety of the word children, a development utilized by the Scottish during the Wars of Independence

- Iron Maiden

How is it that we could discuss metal or hard rock without a sign of approval for Iron Maiden? Iron Maiden is an English weighty metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and essential musician Steve Harris. Iron Maiden has a long history of doing tunes about verifiable occasions and characters. One of their tunes rotates around the exemplary story of Highlanders safeguarding their property against the English. They are the group that through their work are explaining the Scots culture and their fight for freedom

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