Dubstar TX - Down South

Black Pearl
Dubstar TX - Down South - Lyrics

Shout to Mr Madd on the track
On the track yea
Young nigga
Had to gone bring it back yea
One time
For the H town
Solid nigga
Gotta stay down
I got it froze
On my wrist
And shout out rich gang
On that trail ride shit
Who you wit , rich gang
Who you wit , rich gang
Them niggas try to copy
But it ain’t the same thang
Tell them hoes pipe down
Say goin pipe down
Them niggas goin party
Till the laws shut it down
To partys
With the walls
Or party’s for a cause
Them niggas goin party
Out they MF draws
Shout to
Flex N Fab
And the dallas Mavs
Imma need a feature
Just to bang it in the slab
This is
Down South
Where i stay
The candy paint
Down the MF lane
Bitches on a pole
That don’t phase me
Live off the Toll
He can rap
But he ain’t seein me
They say they got it on lock
But I got the key
I’m too old
For that beef shit
She playing games
Imma gone
Give her beef tip
Y’all some
Sour niggas
On that sweet shit
In Sams Bar B Q
You don’t need no teeth bitch
Come down
Imma swang
Imma swerve
,oh shit
A nigga
Almost hit a curb
Young nigga
Stay in flyer then a bird
My nigga marvin
Big , brudda, what’s the word?
It’s Dubstar
Ain’t no runner ups
Workin all night
Till the sun is up
They remember
When I was coming up
Yea you remember me
I’m mr run it up

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