Gangsta Boo - Loc'd Out Smoked Out

Black Pearl
Gangsta Boo - Loc'd Out Smoked Out - Lyrics

Loc'd out, smoked out (16x)

{Verse 1: Gangsta Boo}
Man, I love to smoke good
I ain't never been cheap
Black 10, (?...), we are on some 90's shit
Gangsta Boo, with the gas mask
Put on your face
Cough and choke
Bet your ass won't be tryna win this place
I got dead on arrival, high as fu**ck
Outer space, you better get your Bible
'Cause you gon' need a lotta prayer
Eyes are red
Got me super slick, I'm flick
I'm in this bi**tch
'Bout to hit a lick, they hit, the crypt
To flip my crumbs to (?...)
Speakin' of flips, I'm thinkin' of takin' a trip
I ain't trippin, you wanna get trippy?
Fu**ck*in' with Boo, (?...)
Doin' a toast to the good highs and the bad highs
You know time fly when you in the sky
I always think about Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca till the next time

Loc'd out, smoked out (x16)

{Verse 2: Gangsta Boo}
Man, you know I keep it lit
I ain't never been a lightweight
Like that motivation, then I pour some inspiration (Hey!)
F**ucked around, smoked you under the table
That's where you were found
Underground is where I reside and I ain't gon' change my sound
I'm smoked out
When I be coughin', I wear my shades to be loc'd out
Gold in my mouth
Keepin' it trillin's a statement we say in the south
80's babies, 90's babies, (?...)
Got me super blisted, twisted 'bout to hit the curb
Headin' to the Mississippi River down in Memphis
Brought some Cali blunt to smoke out with my gangster b**itches
(?...) cause I'm real with all my business
And you can get the business if you come between my riches

I'm loc'd out, smoked out
Loc'd out smoked out (x16)

Get it how we live, gold grills and we trill (x8)

Undergroup rap (x12)

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