Luh Tyler - Fat Racks - lyrics

Luh Tyler - Fat Racks - Song Lyrics
Phew, phew
Gang, skinny nigga, fat racks, I'm out the way
Gas burning like some sage
Yea, staying out the way (Ayy, Will)
Gang, ayy, skee

Skinny nigga, fat racks, stand the fuck up out the way (Gang)
White Runtz inside my blunt, that bitch burning like some sage
No, I ain't doing shit for you if that shit don't get me paid
Bad bitch, she got her toes done and her edges slayed
I'm on the beat, I'm in that mode, nigga, you can't stop the rain
Make sure that my family straight before I ever buy a chain (On gang)
I get in the booth, my feet kicked up, I'm kissing Mary Jane (Out my body)
You won't catch me in the mix, I'm staying in my own lanе
You won't catch me in the mix but you can catch me with ya bitch (With ya bitch)
Nah, this ain't dirty monеy, all my money be legit (My shit legit)
In the booth, I'm smoking sour patch, feeling like that kid (Like that kid)
I just took a nigga bitch, yeah, I hit her with that rizz (Yah)
Yeah, I'm feeling like a pimple cause I'm finna pop my shit
If you ever took my ho, it ain't no pressure 'bout that bitch
Ain't no gas inside his blunt, buddy must be smoking mid
You ain't tryna get no money, you ain't standing on no business
Take a look inside my pocket, I got racks inside my pants
I been getting to that money, nigga, feeling like that man (Like the man)
Took yo bitch and get behind her, yeah, then I do my dance (Yea)
Time to have them labels calling, nigga, tryna get them bands
Nah, I'on fuck with niggas, you might think I'm the klan
Run that my money up, make sure my family straight, yeah, that's the plan
I ain't have to take ya bitch, turnt ya ho' into a fan
Take the ho' out to the beach, she getting freaky on the sand
Pennywise inside my blunt, hit that shit, it make you float
I'm out the way, I'm with ya bitch and she tryna drive the boat (Drive the boat)
I'm either out here chasing cake or talking shit up in the 'yota (I'm in the 'yota)
I can't wait to rock the stage, you know I'm tryna kick the door
Rubi Rose or Jayda Wayda, man, fuck it, I want both
Had to cut lil' mama off because she always do the most
I been kissing Mary Jane, think I'm 'bout to overdose
I been stepping on they neck, I got the rap game in a choke

Yah, I got the rap game in a choke, nigga
Gang, yeah

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