Punchmade Dev - How To Write A Dump

Punchmade Dev - How To Write A Dump - Lyrics

{Verse 1}
Everybody listen up this a punch lesson
Go and get a fire carding site, go to the dump section
Never get a savings account dump
You always want checking
Make sure you go and grab a credit dump, they never hit with debit
You better out a Proxy server on or use public connection
You can’t get to comfortable on there, get the proper protection
When you surfing on the dark web
You might get an infection
I can put a virus on computers without any detection
Now you need some cloned cards
Not them whitе blanks
Why would you use that anyway?
It don’t say a bank
I like to use my old dеbit card
The one I got from Chase
So when you go and pull the card out
It got the proper face, (OK)
You gone need the proper software
No dumbass, you dont need EMV
Software, thats only if you trynna code the chip they put on there
You just need a MSR, plus Deathtune software
Once you got the items on that list
You can start here
Load up the software you just got make sure the card near
You might have to scratch the numbers off to match the card year
The clerk really not gone say shit if you show no fear, (OK)
Swipe the card thru the MSR, erase the info
Plug in Track 1 and Track 2 and write the info
Nows its time for you slide straight to the store see what it hit foh
It look and work like a real card, no need to tip toe

This a credit dump, so you can only use the mag strip
The clerk gone let you swipe the card
After you jam the chip
After it ain’t working 2 times she’ll let you use the strip
When your piece keep saying declined then that’s your sign for you to dip

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