Sign crushes motorist - Loser monologue

Sign crushes motorist - Loser monologue - Lyrics

I stare at your pictures for hours on end


Fantasizing about holding you

Feeling my hands on your bare skin

Just being with you

But i know it’ll never happen

But i can't stop myself from fantasizing

I think about you for hours until i realize how much time i’ve spent thinking of a scenario that will never happen

You’re so beautiful and funny

And anytime i see your picture or even hear your name

My stomach flips and i get butterflies

Every word you say sends goosebumps all over my body

I’ve tried for so long not to look at you

To not look at pictures of you

To cut off all contact with you

But i can't stop it

I can't stop how i feel

I don’t know if i’ll ever stop feeling this way

At least not for a long time

When i see you with him it makеs me sick to my stomach

And although that you put me off you it doesn’t

It only makеs me want you more

If you knew how i felt i wouldn’t even be writing this shit

I wouldn’t be so lonely

You’d understand how much you mean to me

You mean so much to me

I wish you’d look at me the way i look at you

I wish i could be with you

I just want to feel the warmth of your body next to mine

To see your smile

I want to play with your hair

See it shine under the sun as it hits you just right

I want to watch the sun sink behind the hills with you

Talk, laugh, makeout,


I just want anything from you

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