Crystal Viper - Island Of The Silver Skull

[Alena and the Wizard decided to bring Eldinaar back among the living. There was only one possible way to do it: a mystical golden dagger known as Astar, which once placed in a dead man's heart, could make it beat again. Astar was kept by the ancient demons, on the Island Of The Silver Skull (place known mainly to the craziest and most dangerous pirates!). Alena had nothing to lose: A pact with the pirates was done in a fair way. Gold and diamonds for them, and a dagger for her...!]

Sailors of hell, damned by the nations
Gray people call us "sons of satan"
Even if the devil sails with us
We are always unbound, free
Aye! The wind blows so strong today
Will be the empire of gold... ours?
Island Of The Silver Skull so close
Storm will not stop us today!

Hunger in us!
Gold and glory
Diamonds no rust!
White bones high

Skull and cross bones!
Will be our guide
Blind winds of fate!
Will bring glory to us

Black flag with skull and crossbones so high
Man to cannons! Someone is running...!
Are you ready for boarding? Go, rats!
And the battle has begun
There is no place for mercy and fear
Fight for your dreams and for your glory
We were waiting for our day so long
Jolly Roger! Time has come!

Crystal Viper - Island Of The Silver Skull - Song Lyrics

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